Dynamic Destination Display

Each journey on a bus services has a final destination but in some contexts that information is not useful to users. For example with circular routes, both inbound and outbound journeys may be headed towards a bus station. This isn’t very useful to someone currently at the bus station.

Instead of always showing the final destination, a dynamic destination can be used. For part of the route, the destination might show as “Hospital”, then as the bus passes the hospital, the destination may change to “City centre”.

This information is shown on the vehicles themselves and also on departure boards at stops and on websites and apps.

The data itself can come from timetable information in TransXChange and also SIRI (SM or VM). In either case, the stop name can be used but a more general destination description is more useful.

As with departure board times, generally live data from SIRI is merged, with a fall back to the TransXChange. Using SIRI data can allow operators to change the destination display on the day of operation, for example if a journey is cut short due to a disruption.