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BRG (Bus Recovery Grant)

The Bus Recovery Grant (BRG) is a way for the Government to support commercial bus operators in England due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on their revenue from reduced passenger numbers. To be eligible for the Bus Recovery Grant funding, operators must:

BFCG (Bus Fare Cap Grant)

The Bus Fare Cap Grant (BFCG) scheme in England was introduced to enable bus operators (outside of London) to cap the price of a single journey by bus at £2, without running services unprofitably. The scheme was introduced in January 2022 and has been extended several times. It was launched by the Department for Transport …

Backwards compatible

Backward compatible refers to a hardware or software system that can successfully use interfaces and data from earlier versions of the system or with other systems.

BSIP (Bus Service Improvement Plan)

A BSIP will formulate the delivery of outcomes required by the National Bus Strategy and is developed in parallel with the LTA (Local Transport Authority). BSIP content prepared by LTAs in England and submitted to the Department for Transport (DfT) will be expected to represent an outline of positive changes that are planned.


A byte is the smallest addressable unit of memory in a computer, commonly made up of eight binary digits.


Mistakes in code that keep a website or program from working properly.

BODS (Bus Open Data Service)

BODS provides bus timetable (TransXChange), real time vehicle location (SIRI-VM) and fares (NeTEx) data for every local bus service in England. It was commissioned following the Bus Services Act 2017, which included improvements designed to make commercial bus services more accessible to passengers. It is a Department for Transport led initiative to enable new applications, …

BSOG (Bus Service Operators Grant)

A grant paid to operators of eligible bus services and community transport organisations to help them recover some of their fuel costs. The amount each bus operator receives is based on their annual fuel consumption. BSOG also benefits passengers by: helping operators keep fares down enabling operators to run services that might otherwise be unprofitable and …