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Contactless Model 3

In Contactless Model 3, a contactless EMV card or device is associated with a pre-purchased ticket and used to travel.

Travelling on a Contactless Model 3 scheme would require you to tap an associated contactless card on a card reader before travel so the bus operator can confirm the card gives you the authority to travel.

Although not yet deployed on UK buses, Contactless Model 3 would allow you to pre-purchase season tickets, carnets, or any other type of ticket and associate them with a contactless EMV card or device. Associating travel with a card or device would replace the need for paper tickets and mean being charged ahead of travel.

Contactless Model 3 could also associate a payment card with a concession, a discount, or even free travel.

This differs from Contactless Model 2, where you are charged based on your journeys after travelling.