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NaPTAN (National Public Transport Access Node)

The UK’s national dataset of public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations, airports, ferry piers, tram/metro/underground stops) is known as the NaPTAN database.

It records approximately 400,000 bus stops across England, Scotland and Wales, as well as other transport terminals including rail stations and airports.

NaPTAN consists of:

  • A standard for identifying and naming access points to public transport
  • A database of all public transport access points in Great Britain
  • The XML schema for exchanging data or an alternative CSV exchange format version.

NaPTAN database data is available in XML or CSV format with the most recent updates by local authorities being listed. The NaPTAN database is managed by the Department for Transport and updated by local authorities. NaPTAN is a core component of the national transport information infrastructure and is used by a number of other UK standards and information systems.