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The multimodal data standard can transmit bus information, including routes and timetables, fares and tickets and real-time information.

In 2019, the UK NeTEx profile was developed to standardise the publication of fare data within the UK bus industry for the Bus Open Data Service (BODS). NeTEx is a highly interoperable CEN standard representing various aspects of multi-modal transport networks, including timetables and fares.

NeTEx can describe zone-based fare systems of any topology ranging from a simple patchwork of adjacent zones to complex arrangements such as honeycombs and doughnuts. The TARIFF ZONE allows zones to be associated with stops and stations. Mixed zonal and stage systems are also possible. Fare pricing may be a flat fare system per zone or zone to zone using a DISTANCE MATRIX ELEMENT, or it may be differentially priced for particular sequences of zones.