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Tap & Cap contactless

Tap & Cap is one of several names given to the type of Contactless Model 2 payment method. It allows you to simply “tap” your contactless payment card (or device) onto a reader at the start of your journey. What you are charged for the journey is calculated later and then automatically from your account.

It does not require you to “tap” out again on a reader when you complete your journey.

Often this charge will be capped at a maximum amount if enough journeys are taken within a specific period of time, e.g. 24 hours.

This is different to Contactless Model 1 where the products you are buying are totalled up by the cashier, or a self-service machine, and you pay the total on the screen with your contactless payment card. If you want to buy a specific ticket on a bus or tram in the UK, you will use Contactless Model 1.